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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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from the helicopter right now. this all happened in the area of sacramento and davis streets. we're going to continue to update ow this story as we get it into the newsroom. now, on to a strange discovery along the peninsula. a slew of dead and dying leopard sharks are being found in redwood city. now, it's happening in the bay front lagoons on the east side of the city. city officials have called in researchers to help them identify what may be causing? problem. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live in redwood city with the details for us. good evening, kimberly. >> reporter: good evening. along this stretch of lagoon we spotted two dead leopard sharks today, but a city spokesperson tells me about two dozen have been found in the last week. >> kind of looked like they were
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trying to strand themtsz along the edge of the shore. >> reporter: catherine greer says earlier this week her 13-year-old son noticed a leopard shark in distress. >> it looked like it was a log on the side, along the edge of the water. it wasn't moving at all, and then he kind of tussled it, moved it a little bit, and just came right back to the seam spot. >> reporter: as they continued walking along the shoreline, they found more sharks. some as long as four feet, some dead, some dying. >> it does make you really sad looking at them. they were struggling, and i wish there were a way that we could help them. >> reporter: the following day they returned to find more. >> there are about a dozen total that we've seen in just this slew. >> reporter: greer notified the redwood city public works department who called in the experts. the shark research foundation tracks sharks in the san francisco bay and is looking into the die-off, which right now seems isolated. >> a dozen dead leopard sharks is a concern, but i would say 100 dead leopard sharks and above would be a serious
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concern. >> reporter: leopard sharks seen here at the aquarium of the bay generally swim in groups, are common along the california coast and are considered a hardy animal. >> often, you can see they have scars that are healed all on the sides of them. they seem like they're pretty tough fish. >> there are so many reasons that there could be a small die-off of leopard sharks. pollutants in the water, some sort of toxic element in the -- you know, the floor area where they were resting at the time. it's hard to say. there's a lot of possibilities. >> reporter: one other possibility. there is a 50 5 4 inch pipe that brings water from the bay into the lagoon. city officials say fish and small sharks have been known to get in that way and not know how to get out. live in redwood city, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. a wild and dangerous ride. new youtube video has surfaced of a muni train racing full
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speed with doors wide open. if this looks familiar, it's because this is the second time this has happened and been caught on video in the past month. the last incidents happening on april 1st. muni is asking the person who posted this latest video to come forward so they can figure out on which train it was that the door was left ajar. now to muni trouble of a different kind. tonight the transit agency is one big step closer to going on strike. a union representing more than 2,000 muni worksers says members have voted to authorize a strike if labor negotiations go south. the agency is facing a projected $18 million deficit, and so to fix it muni wants to make changes to the salaries and benefits of its employees. union reps say workers are open to some concessions, including contributing to their retirement benefits, even wage freezes, but they are only willing to go so far. pg&e says it has identified bay area neighborhoods that have natural gas pipelines with similar characteristics to the san bruno line that exploded last year, killing eight people.
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tonight they're gearing up to begin testing those lines in what's being described as a massive undertaking. antioch is one of the first cities with high risk pipelines to be tested. nbc bay area is there now live and joins us now with more on the testing scheduled to begin in just weeks. now, jody, i imagine people living there, that has to put them uneasy about this whole situation. >> you can say that. people who live in this antioch neighborhood are getting letters like this one from pg&e letting them know that their natural gas pi pipelines are about to be put to the test. while they're glad to hear that, they're a little nervous to learn why their lines are a priority. >> it makes me not want to live here. >> reporter: that's the reaction of folks in antioch on learning the natural gas pipelines that run through their neighborhood share similar characteristics to the pipeline that exploded in san bruno last september. killing eight people and destroying 38 homes.
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>> more lives could be lost that way, and they need to get it together. >> reporter: that's exactly why pg&e is about to begin pressure testing miles and miles of pipeline throughout the bay area. in a few weeks they'll start hydrostatic pressure testing. >> it's filling a gas transmission line with a large volume of water at a very high pressure. in fact, higher than pipeline normally ever operates, and then carefully monitoring it for eight hours with very sensitive pressure gauges in order to see if there's any defects at all in the pipe. we want to get in there, look at exactly the structure of the pipes and look at all the pressure. >> reporter: if there are problems, pg&e says they'll replace the pipelines right away. >> we'll be ready with pipe that's already tested, being tested with hydro -- passed awe hydrotest and will be ready to replace any pipe. >> it came in the mail, i guess, dated on the 18th. >> reporter: people who live in the test zones are just now getting letters telling them
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what to expect, leaving them feeling both unsettled and relieved. >> it's still scary. very scary. >> reporter: pg&e will also begin testing in mountain view at the same time it's testing hering in antioch, and once they're finished with those two communities, they'll begin doing similar tests around the bay area throughout the summer. reporting live in antioch, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00. a mystery in napa tonight surrounding how a winemaker fell to his death inside a tank of wine. gustavo morrow died wednesday afternoon at ancion wines just east of downtown. cal osha is investigating the death. the 43-year-old man died while transferring wine from a small tain to a larger one. the whinery released a statement reading, in part, "all of us at ancien wines are sadden and
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shocked by the loss of gustavo muro. he was a true friend, and words cannot begin to express our sorrow. our hearts are broken for his wife and his daughters and all his family and friends. he was passionate about his work, and proud of its high quality." a well-intentioned gesture by the russian consulate has a historical society in vallejo up in arms. the russian consulate had new grave stones made for half a dozen sailors whose remains lie in the mare island center in vallejo. the historical trust says they now want the new stones removed. >> i want -- i would like to honor the shipmates, the russians who made those original tablet stones that have stood the test of time. >> reporter: it's the kind of -- it's the kind of -- excuse me. the city has a permit process for replacing anything that has historic status.
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there will be further discussion between the heritage trust and the city to resolve the matter. it is the kind of peace that many military families will never come to know, but now the family of a world war ii soldier can finally give him a proper good-bye. the department of defense announced today that the remains of mervin sims from pet luma have been identified and will be returned to his family for full burial honors. in 1943 sims was listed as missing in action. he was just 23 years old when his plane went missing between india and china. the wreckage was found in the mountains of burma eight years ago. a new report reveals california's illegal immigrant prison population is skyrocketing. the government accountability office says a number of illegal immigrants behind bars is up 17% since 2003. the number now stands at more than 102,000. the agency also claims each of the state's illegal immigrants have an average of seven different arrests and 2010
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california spent around $1 billion on the illegal immigrant inmate population. silicone valley high-tech leaders gather to talk about the business climate today. most of the entrepreneurs are optimistic the economy is turning around nationally, but they have reservations about how the state is doing. governor brown joined the group at ibm and san jose. they welcome the governor with gifts of the most popular member of brown's -- suter, his dog. >> he has more friends on facebook than most of my republican critics. >> more than half of the execs say they'll be hiring. they're worried about the budget gridlock and the expense of public employee pensions. none of the leaders had criticisms for the business climate. few have moved jobs out of the state. a heads-up for drivers in san jose. you're going to want to avoid a ma r construction project along 101 this weekend. beginning tonight both directions of 101 from the 28 0, 680 interchange to capital he were expressway will be shut down until sunday evening.
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cal tran's crews will construct temporary bridge supports for a project to widen the tolliey overpass and add a southbound lane to 101 in that area. we're told at least one northbound lane of 101 will remain open from toleley to the 280, 680 interchange. we would like to help get you around faster, so before you leave, be sure to log on to nbc bay then click the traffic icon, and you can see how the traffic is flowing on your route. still ahead at 6:00, a blue flint for murder. police in southern california crack an unsolved killing thanks to the killer himself, the one clue he hid right on his body. i'm scott budman. coming up, we take you inside the bay area companies helping you fight back against the rising price of gas. plus, surf is up. the high ranking member of the obama administration who recently caught some waves here in the bay area. can't wait to hear who that is. all right. after some sunshine today, here's a preview of what we'll
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be dealing with this weekend. oh, yes. the clouds are rolling in. it will stay cloudy tonight in the south bay with temperatures dropping into the 40s and we'll talk all enweekowsh od esnc orer weekend showerss area, and we ch
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day with the story about landfills. want what we put in them, but what we keep out. >> it is called deconstruction, and it means dismamgtsing with the intent of reusing. nbc bay area's kent willhoyt shows us the process and purpose of tearing down a house one board at a time. >> we brought in a bulldozer. >> in two days it was gone. it felt terrible. >> reporter: the decision didn't sit well with him at all.
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this time around he is leaving the bulldozers to the landfill. so down his current house comes, and board by board, nail by nail kitchen cabinet and kitchen cabinet. >> just tear it down and throw away real usable valuable material just throw it in the landfill. it doesn't make any sense anymore. >> reporter: the cost of deconstruction is three times the price of demolition, but when they're done 80% of the building material in this home will either be reused or recycled. >> normally this thing would be just bulldozed and taken to the landfill. >> reporter: dave and his crew make a living taking green to the next level, and they're not done yet. >> eventually we'll come back for the hardwood flooring. the red wood side issing all salvaged, and shipped off to the nonprofit as well as any framing that we can get out of the project too. >> can you come grab that fireplace insert? >> reporter: john morrow runs
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that nonprofit. he says deconstruction helps keep landfill levels low and his inventory high, filling this warehouse with a wide range of high quality, reusable building material. >> our charlotter is to keep as much out of the solid waste ep strooem as possible, and we're able to do that through reuse. lighting, windows, doors, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, skylights. we've got it. >> reporter: and the deconstruction flow of material coming in and going out of the warehouse is so plentiful customers top by once a week hoping to scoop up some quality goods coming from homes like weis's. >> that's better quality material than you can buy today. we use it. we can reuse it. we can repurpose it. that benefits the planet. it benefits the people who get it. it benefits us. it certainly feels much better than bringing a bulldozer in and just scraping the lot. >> reporter: a feeling that sits well with him as well as the
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planet. breathing easier, kent wilhoyt, nbc bay area noise. >> the value of all that material qualifies as a charitable donation, which, of course, means you get the benefit of a tax write-off as well. save a tree by bringing your own mug and you get a free cup of coffee at starbucks today in celebration offeth day. the seattle-based company is living up to its green color with an eco-friendly initiative. starbucks will fill up your cup with a brewed coffee or tea with the primary perk meaning it comes at no cost. it's an attempt to get customers to bring in reusable mugs on a daily basis. on earth day last year they did the same thing and starbucks reported it filled more than 1.2 million mugs. well, now you tell me. at $ 6:15 at night. from free coffee to premoney, a winning mega millions ticket sold here in the bay area and it still has not been cashed in. it was sold two months ago on elcamino in san bruno. what's at stake here? well, try $226,000 for the ticket matching all but the meg why number.
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winners have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim prizes. today is day 59 since the february 22nd drawing. one of the most influential men in u.s. politics catching waves. u.s. treasury secretary tim geithner traded his business suit for a wet suit wednesday. he brought along his two kids and a slew of secret service agents. elise geithner took instrucks and her father and brother road long boards nearby. we'll talk to that surf instructor and see pictures of geithner hanging ten. >> very cool. very cool. as you know, of course, you don't need perfect weather to go surfing. can be cloudy and overcast. you don't need perfect weather for a baseball game, but we would like something nice tonight. >> the giants are on our air nbc bay area, so what can you do for snus. >> we certainly would like great weather, but, know, here's the thing. the san francisco giants are used to the fog, so hopefully it's a disadvantage for the braves. i have a personal stake in this.
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my brother works for the braves, so it's that old brother rivalry thing going on. oh, yes. i'll be giving him a call when the giants win. all right. come on, giants. take a look down here across the bay area. we do have what looks to be rainfall here throughout the peninsula, but that lower level is still dry, so we're not really seeing little to anything here in the way of shower activity. with that game right here on nbc bay area the home of the giants, temperatures right now in the low 50s, and we're getting a steady brisk wind, west at 15 miles per hour. we certainly also could see those winds gusting in the low 20s as we continue through tonight. meanwhile, today's highs, mainly in the 60s here. we even did have one isolated 70. 63 in san jose. otherwise, 61 in livermore, and 61 in san rafael. here's the clouds moving across san francisco. the golden gate bridge also at&t park. not our best afternoon we've had this week, but it is a preview to what's going to be coming our way this weekend. most of us right now on the
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board into 50s at this point. here's the deal. the clouds continue to move in, and we're seeing, well, a little bit of moisture out here. it's not a big storm system we're dealing with in the next 24 hours. it's just enough cloud cover tomake maybe spur off a shower or two. even as we head into sunday's forecast. this area of low pressure is off shore. we're going to continue to monitor that chance of showers right into your easter weekend coming up with a full timeline. as we start off on saturday, morning at 5:00 a.m., we'll look at mid to upper 40s. then by 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. not too much warming. most of us will be staying in the low 50s here for your saturday. so hopefully you have plans to sleep in, because it looks like some good weather for that. meanwhile, we'll let you know what it's going to be like on our easter forecast as we head into sunday. we know everybody is going to be getting up early. of course, the easter bunny needs great weather. i'll do what i can. i'll have more in a few minutes. >> okay. thank you very much. now to a story that you may have helped create. that's you at home.
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a delegation from the japanese cultural and community center of northern california is in sendai, japan where radiation concerns following the earthquake and tsunami continue to grow. they sent us this footage from their tour today. it shows widespread damage along the coast east have sendai. the center is raising money to help rebuild. >> a big part of our campaign is to show the people here that the people back in the bay area care. we've raised more than, you know, $1.6 million in donations, and we hope to spread some of the love that is so prevalent in the bay area and across other parts of the united states to those here who are still in need. >> the japanese government has started building new temporary homes, but demand far exceeds supply. rebuilding is expected to take years and billions of dollars. now, if you would like to help, go to our website, that's nbc bay, and search jccc and c. still ahead at 6:00, a star is born from a tiny beach town. a santa cruz man rides a wave of
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success all the way to national stardom. tonight we'll speaks thio high school music teacher about what sets him apart. a major announcement from twitter today. why it's music to the ears of one bay area city. plus, cracking the case. the unique picture that led a southern california detective to solve a murder and how the
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we've heard a lot of complaining recently about prices going up across the board, but not all rising prices are necessarily bad. if you own gold as an investment, you have a lot to smile about recently. the price of that just keeps going up. people looking to take advantage of a record price for gold was
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selling some of theirs at this san jose shop. gold closed this week at more than $1,500 an ounce. yes, that's an all-time high. however, the precious metal is still trading below its inflation adjusted peak of about $2,200 an ounce in the early 1980s. analysts suggest uncertainty about the economy strength, fears about rising prices, and worries over global instability are driving the trend. zoo it led to a conviction in a cold case. jennifer bork land from our los angeles station says it all. >> reporter: anthony garcia had a tattoo on his chest that was eerily familiar to l.a. county sheriff's detective kevin lloyd. >> i had been at the scene when the murder occurred, and so
6:25 pm
right away it caught my attention. >> it was a crime scene here at this liquor store. an unsolved murder from 2004. here on garcia's chest, a liquor store, a street sign on one side, just like here at the corner have rosemeade boulevard. his nickname is chopper, a chopper in the tattoo is gunning down a mr. peanut. peanut gang explaining for a rival gang member. the direction of the bullets on the tattoo match the real skrim screen. detectives call it arrogant. people at the liquor store today say maybe just not so smart. >> that's kind of dumb. >> reporter: the defect he have got it all wrong. the liquor store he has at that time couped to his chest is here which is about a mile and a half away from the crime scene. >> reporter: rivera looker looks exactly like the one on garcia's chest with the name on top and the decorative concrete awning.
6:26 pm
>> we researched it. there had never about an a homicide at that liquor store. that would not be a place where the rival gang would be. it didn't fit all the other things like the street sign, the building across the street. >> i must say, i have never heard of a story like that one. >> it's a rarity. >> still ahead at 6:00 did one student's high school project go too far? we'll tell you the lie she lived for six months. preparations for the royal wedding are in full swing, but is the nice weather actually proving to be a problem? former san francisco mayor takes on a new project. i'm scott budman. after the b sing u technolog and the help of t gavin to figh the rising price of gas. g
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you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer
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and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere.
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high, but $6 a gallon? that's prediction on this earth day. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here after spending a day at local companies fighting against the high price of gas. i am rooting for them. >> yes, we all are. experts will tell you after all there's no way to accurately guess what gas will cost in the future, but tension in the middle east along with the falling dollar that is commuters nervous. it has silicone valley tech companies working on alternatives. >> this is what it sounds like when silicone valley ingenuity fights back against the rising price of gas. sirona fuels, an oakland company, that takes cooking oil from restaurants and transforms it into biodiesel, a fuel that's cleaner and cheaper than what you're using now. >> two, one. whom! we're solar, baby? >> reporter: it's also happening at solaria where a new solar
6:30 pm
manufacturing plant and solar array were christened. a new source of power creating new local jobs. >> you don't know what the cost of oil or gas -- natural gas -- is going to be next year, but you know what the cost of sunlight is going to be. it's going to be free. solar is the perfect way to stabilize your energy picture. >> i mean, this is literally going to double the manufacturing output of this company. it's going to double the number of jobs. it's here in california, our own backyard, so it's not just designed here, it's built here, and then it's deployed and serviced here. >> reporter: as the price of gas forces commuters to bare down, new technology is creating new opportunities both for employment and transportation. >> we're standing here at a manufacturing facility that will be making solar panels that can not only power our homes and businesses, but they could power our cars right here in california. >> reporter: trying to take some of the economic load off the next generation of drivers.
6:31 pm
>> here is another example of fuel to replace oil. this comes from a company based in redwood city called propel. 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline. it can be used in those fuel flex cars, so it gives you a little bit of a discount if you are willing to do that. it's better for the environment. >> smells like? is. >> ann? >> it doesn't smell like typical gasoline. it's only 15%. >> exactly. >> we started the story talking about the $6 a gallon gas from the experts. you did some research into that today too. is that -- how realistic is that? >> to be honest, not to denegrate anybody? it's a guess. one person on cnbc made a guess, and it got all the media talking. it could certainly happen with what's going on in the middle east and the falling dollar and some weather katrina type things that could happen and take out oil rigs. that would be a worst case scenario. we haven't seen gas that high for so long. these guys are working to beat not just a worst case scenario, but to help the environment at
6:32 pm
the same time. >> and we're rooting for them. >> yes, we are. >> thanks, scott. sdoo thank you very much, scott. well, a value meal is about to get a lot less valuable. you can add a mcdonald's burger to an item getting more expense he have. mcdonald's predicts the cost of beef, dairy, and other food items will rise 4% globally this year. it isn't saying exactly how much of that cost it plans to pass on to the consumer. prices are already up 1% in just the past month. the fast food giant plans to slowly raise prices throughout the year. the on-line message confirms the upcoming move to san francisco's central market area, a new post on the twitter blog indicates the company will move sometime next year. the announcement follows the city's approval of a payroll tax cap to some businesses willing to move to the neighborhood. speaking of big tech, they are spending bigger dollars to lobby in washington.
6:33 pm
a report in politico says mountain view-based google spent nearly $1.5 million to lobby for its interests in our nation's pirical dung the first quarter of this year. it's the most google has ever spent on lobbying in any quarter. palo alto based facebook is also spending more to lobby in washington, the social networking giant spent $230,000 so far this year. while the number pales in google's spending in d.c., it's five times more than what facebook spent in the same time period last year. sdmrirchlg the mayor of san francisco is writing a book. gavin newsome will be writing about the intersection of social media and government. this will be newsome's first large scale writing project, and it's expected to debut at the end of 2013 when he will most likely be making a run for governor. syrian protesters were greeted with live ammunition
6:34 pm
today. the death toll is brought to more than 250 over the last five weeks. the ap reports security forces fires live rounds and tear gas into crowds protesting the government of president assad. protests have snowballed from reform to the downfall of the assad dynasty. one year after the oil spill in the gulf, a new coast guard report is pointing to a series of safety flaws in the transocean rig. the report concluded that transocean had major problems at its safety management system and its safety culture that the coast guard calls poor. electrical equipment that may have ignited the explosion was poorly maintained and then shut down alarms were intentionally bypassed so that they didn't alert the crew. it also says another contributing factor was lax oversight in the area where the rig was flagged, the republic of the marshall islands. now to the royal wedding which is less than oning week away. it's a royal frenzy.
6:35 pm
officials are trying to make sure no stone has been left unturned with the royal wedding a week away. londoners are hoping that the warm weather will stick around for the big day. nbc's michelle kazinski has the latest wedding preparations. >> reporter: this scene kind of says it all, right? the explosion of colorful springtime flowers. this is just one small part of what spectators will enjoy on the big day. only one week away now. not bad, right? if only you could feel this scene too with the tourists walking around here. the warm sunshine, the gentle breeze, the bright british flags flying, and the smell of flowers is actually heavy in the air. >> there are people everywhere. there are cameras being set up all over the please. >> reporter: when we say no stone has been left unturned for preparations for this wedding, the last couple of days we've seen workers cleaning with tiny
6:36 pm
brushes all of the sculptures inside westminster abbey. we've seen the participants rehearsing, choir boys told not to eat chocolate or drink cola before the wedding les it change their voices somehow, and, of course, security is getting ready. one thing, though, this glorious weather that everyone has been enjoying so much caused all of these flowers to bloom early, and now there is a concern that there could be some droopy blooms for the big day. well, we can have none of that. gardeners have been told to go out flower by flower and make sure any of the offending flowers that are not up to par are trimmed away. things like that, sometimes the more obscure little minute preparations are the most interesting to hear about, but no doubt perfection is the goal and at this point everybody's fingers are crossed that that is the actual result. back to l you. >> and we promise you if there is a single droopy bloom, you will see it on nbc bay area's continuing coverage of the royal wedding. we'll have live reports from
6:37 pm
london all next week. of course, we will air the wedding in its entirety. get some rest the night before, though. live coverage begins at 1:00 in the morning. >> or just don't even go to bed. >> yeah, right. a teen who faked a pregnancy for a school project. also ahead, sing issing a way to start, and we catch up with the teacher who helped inspire a santa cruz man who is winning the hearts of the nation on "american idol." >> plus, why police in washington d.c. are now launching an investigation involving charlie sheen. i'm chief meteorologist jeff. we did have some sunshine today, but now the clouds have rolled in.
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a high school stupt in washington is getting ready to enjoy her prom after pretending she was pregnant for the last six months.
6:40 pm
gabby rodriguez had permission from the hoax from her mom and school leaders as part of her senior project. she wanted to teach her peers about prejudice. at a school assembly she took off her fake belly and shared the note she took on how students treated her differently and the rumors they spread. >> i know that i made my senior year better by doing this because i get to, you know, say i made an impact in some of the students' lives here, and the best things are yet to come. >> gabby says some of her friends had called her irresponsible and didn't think she would finish school. her principal says she started an important conversation. sgrirchlgts here's hoping the fourth time is the charm, and she gets the message. that's because lindsay lohan is headed back to jail for a probation violation. late this afternoon the judge sentencing her to 120 days in county jail for stealing a drars $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. she was also ordered complete 480 days have community service. the judge ruled that prosecutors had shown that lohan violated
6:41 pm
her probation from a 2007 drunk driving case. it will be her fourth stint in jail. her attorney plans to appeal. charlie sheen is also in the crosshairs of the law. investigators want to know who granted the controversial star an 80-mile-per-hour police escort so his washington d.c. show on tuesday. sheen tweeted this picture of the escort as he was running late from the airport. the d.c. police chief says they do not provide escorted for celebrities and is looking into who authorized the motorcade. well, the giants return home tonight, and you'll be able to see the game here on nbc bay area in just about 20 minutes. we'll take you behind the scenes of one of baseball's greatest pregame traditions. good evening. a live look at t at&t park. alll have. f lsoatoo a game. also a lk r atouer lst. yayea d
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nbc bay area's talked with his music teacher in helping durbin make it big. ♪ >> he is a talented guitarist and keyboardist who was james durbin's music teacher. the finalist from santa cruz is
6:44 pm
making headlines across the nation. >> the range i thought was the most extraordinary thing i ever heard. he was friends with durbin's dad, a bass player who died from a drug overdose when he was 5. his road to success has been bumpy at best. he was diagnosed with both teurettes and asberger's syndrome. he landed this role in the production "singing in the rain". >> he is what's known as a triple threat, meaning that he can act, he can sing, and he can dance. >> reporter: james also landed the lead in "beauty and the beast," "but he always had dreams of bigger things. >> james was always talking about he being on "american idol." so seeing him actually making his own dream come true is absolutely thrilling, thrilling for me, thrilling for everybody that knows and loves him, and for santa cruz as a community. >> reporter: once a week his
6:45 pm
santa cruz fans get together to watch him sing on american idol. david ocherman plans to travel to see him perform live. >> it's beautiful to see him go from a guy that's a struggling young man trying to do something to now everybody knows about it. that's such a great influence. >> reporter: now in the national spot james durbin has a lot to sing about. in santa cruz marianne favre, bay area news. what a nice story. gives me the goose bumps. kind of like the weather outside, huh? >> oh, yes. it's chilly out there for some of us. we had sunshine, but it didn't last too long. today right now 52 in san francisco. 53 in san mateo. 57 in san jose. concorde, 56. napa, right now 54. tonight the clouds stay with us. breezy at times, and, unfortunately, throughout your weekend, we're going to see this on again off again pat esh of showers. hang on. we do have some warmer weather coming our way. now, looks like a lot of green here in the radar, and a lot of this not just touching the surface here in the bay area.
6:46 pm
that's because that lower atmosphere is still dry at this point. only a slight chance of a drizzle tonight at the game. raj is up soon here, and then also, of course, throughout 7:00 p.m. and the game for full analysis. 54 at at&t park. winds west. we could see them gust in the lower 20s tonight. a little brisk out there. even some breaks of sunshine. we had the cloud cover off shore, and that's an advance of this weak system off shore. that's going to bring us a chance of scattered showers for saturday and also for your easter sunday. look for those isolated showers and temperatures remaining in the 60s. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's mainly about the cloud cover, and as we advance to the early afternoon, well, clouds stay with us. the models aren't picking up on a lot of rainfall, but still, that chance here of an isolated shower or two from the north bay to the south bay. for the east bay tonight, dropping to the 40s at 6:00 a.m. as we head throughout tonight, some cold temperatures with 47 and 51 in redwood city. also. this next graphic comes with a warning. it's all things easter, and the
6:47 pm
easter bunny. all right. a nice slow transition here for effect. where is my bunny? is he going to hop on? is this going to work? there he is right there. the bunny hopping on the screen, and also a chance of showers here as we head throughout east wr temperatures in the 60s and so we could be a lot worse this time of year, but it's only going to mean a little bit of activity when it comes to some rainfall. 63 in morgan hill. have fun back there with the graphics sometimes. all the time, actually. 63 in dublin. 55 in pacifica. 60 in san francisco. i was actually talking to our executive producer saying, come over here, look at this. i couldn't wait to show it. 62 in napa, and up into the north bay we have low to mid 60s. more time on the weather channel on cable and as we take a look at our sevened forecast, a chance of a spotty shower saturday and sunday. mid to upper 60s, and then tuesday, wednesday, and thursday low 70s. it looks like the easter bunny has something else in his baskets. he will be dropping off warmer weather as we head to next week. >> that's an important forecast
6:48 pm
for people that have the whole kids. do you put the eggs outside or inside and what the weather is going to be. >> it's all on you, jeff. >> i know. >> when i was animating that together, it took a lot of time. i hope you enjoyed it. >> we did. >> thank you for your hard work. >> yeah, sure. the giants and the braves are now just about 15 minutes away right here on nbc bay area. take a look at the live shot of the beautiful field. >> now, right after the break, we'll go on to the field and get you ready for tonight's game.
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
it is all about our jipts. the giants return home after a successful road trip and a familiar face is here to greet them. >> comcast sports jamie is at at&t park with the story. jamie. >> reporter: of course, the last time these two teams met -- i've been talking to some of the giants players. they have fond memories of that series, and everything that happened in the postseason, but as far as tonight and facing the braves in this series, they are looking forward to moving on in 2011. >> it's a new season. it's still early in the year, but, you know, i'm sure there's going to be some excitement, you know, just because of the memories and stuff. you know, we have to just come
6:52 pm
out and try to get an early lead like we have been doing, and, you know, our pitching has been great. we're excited. >> i think it's a whole new season. obviously last time we played them was a big deal, but now it's, you know, 2011, and we have a new task at hand, and, you know, i'm sure they've forgotten about it. they have ae new manager and a couple of new guys on their team. you know, sure, there's still some memories, but everyone is after that same goal again this year. >> we're concentrating on 2011, but, you know, looking back, yeah, we know we were fortunate to get by them. that was our toughest series really. they're a good club, and they're -- you know, they're going to be tough. >> a lot of giants fans wondering what's going on with andres torres who was placed on the disabled list with that strained achilles. i talked to him after batting practice today. he says he feels much better. he is optimistic. he will be able it come off the
6:53 pm
dl once he is eligible, which is on april 26th. >> jamie, thank you very much. >> yes, jamie live at at&t park. we have our raj matheye who will be covering the game for us as we. comprehensive coverage. >> the game on nbc bay area. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on comcast sports net bay area. every night at 10:30 a full 30 minutes of coverage of the deems you care about. go deep with sports net central every night at 10:30 on comcast sports net bay area. now, before we get to the next story, though, i do have to share this. yesterday i was in san francisco union street, and who was there? brian wilson. just a pedestrian. just there like, you know, normal. >> you have been out at the ballpark a number of times this year. is this the first time you have seen him in person? >> yes. he said hello. he said hello. what am i going to say? hi. i'm a fan. i didn't want to come across like that. it was pretty cool, though. >> i imagine it would be. >> he drives a nice car. shocking. >> he should. >> yeah. one of the great traditions for a baseball fan is to get to the
6:54 pm
park early to watch a giants take batting practice. >> giants third base coach tim flanery takes us through the ballet that is the national pastime's pregame ritual. >> i'm tim flanery, third base coach of the san francisco giants, and i'm going to talk about batting practice and all that goes on during the hour and a half we have every day. ♪ >> well, we start with four hitting groups, and each group probably gets about 12 to is a 15 minutes, and each hitter is working on something that they individually need to work on. the pitchers will come out at 4:20, and we work with their bunt and hit and run, their slashing. i make sure they have the signs and prepare them for the next day because they're not -- the guy that's starting is not in that group. we have all the other starters in the first group. pitchers start, and then there's four groups after that. everybody has a different game plan when they face a pitcher, so they're working on that mentally trying to get themselves dialled in of how
6:55 pm
they want to hit that night. during that time, you have guys running the bases, and maybe reading balls off the bat and thinking about who is in the outfield that night. you also have coaches hitting ground balls to the infielders, and all of that has to be in perfect timing because the pitchers are throwing the ball to the hitters. the hitter is swinging. balls are flying. i start off hitting them, and i'll go to aubry huff who is playing first base. all the infielders will take their turn to throw the ball across the diamond to the first baseman, and then they'll also -- the guys up the middle will turn double play with their double play partner. and in the meantime of that, there's guys in the outfield taking balls off the bat, and, you know, reading fly balls off the bat. that's the best way to do it is taking them live.
6:56 pm
then in the outfield, you know, usually see the relief pitchers come out as a group, and they'll condition during all of this as well. some hilter whz they're locked in later on in the season or they might come out and take five, six, ten swings and say i feel good. i'm going to shut it down. but, you know, these guys like to take their hacks. it's a good time for fans to come out and watch all that goes on attempt, and knocking on wood, we hope nobody gets hit in the head because balls are flying everywhere. if you want to see what's happening down the third baseline, it's a good time for the fan to walk around and see all that goes on. there's probably eight, nine different things haechlg all at the same time. you've got all of this going on in four groups of hitters in about an hour, hour and 15, hour and 20 minute day, and it's a routine that we do 162 times in 180 days. >> always a fun sight to see. >> i speak from experience when you are out there in left field stands during batting practice, you better be serious about catching a ball, or you're going
6:57 pm
to get run over. coming up tonight after the giants game, a mother's gamble doesn't pay off. she left her 3 dwrerld-year-old in the car, and you won't believe what happened next. then with all the talk of $6 gas around the corner, some people in the bay area have found a way around it all. tonight how some are fighting the jump at the pump, and what you can do to save a bundle too. that's tonight after the giants game on nbc bay area news. and it's a nice weekend in store for the weather. >> yeah, it is. you think brian wilson has friended you yet on facebook? >> yeah, right. i wish. >> she's the only person who hasn't. >> that would be good. >> all right. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area at 6:00. the giants and the braves are up next.
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